Top 10 Reasons To Choose Dogs' Own Daycare

1. Our play groups are supervised by Larry Williams, daycare manager, who has over 20 years of experience in dogs and dog behavior. All other daycare staff has years of experience and training in dog behavior.

2. We separate play groups by size and play style, and give plenty of downtime to prevent dogs from getting cranky. Our experience is that all day play isnít normal or healthy for dogs, so we aim to balance play time and rest.

3. We do what dogs love. Our daycare staff strives to make each day the best day for every dog in our care. If your dog prefers attention from people to playing with other dogs, we provide that for them. We treat all of our daycare dogs the same as we treat our own dogs.

4. Reinforcing good behaviors is our daily routine. From making dogs sit and wait to go into daycare, or before greeting their parents at the end of the day to teaching better play skills, we are always working to improve the behavior of our daycare dogs.

5. We offer drop-in daycare, meaning you donít need to make an appointment for your dog to come to daycare. We are here from 6:30 am to last pick-up at 6:15, and we donít limit when you can drop-off or pick-up your dog.

6. Your dog can get more than just daycare. With our variety of daycare packages, you can choose for your dog to get one-on-one training, help with your dogís weight loss, or regular bathing to keep them looking great.

7. We love puppies! We offer Free Puppy Fridays for puppies under 6 months old every week. We also have a specialized Puppy Intro Package that teaches your puppy to love grooming and daycare.

8. Full-service grooming available while your pet is in daycare. Our grooming salon employs some of the best groomers in Loveland, all expertly trained by Nationally Certified Master Groomer Jennie Smith. Your pet will learn to love grooming if it is just a small part of a fun day of daycare!

9. Our indoor facility is climate controlled, keeping your dog cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. We have an outdoor area for your dog to potty, so that their housetraining doesnít regress while in daycare.

10. We accept special needs and intact dogs. Special needs dogs include older dogs who need a quiet place to rest, dogs who require medication during the day, or dogs who need some social rehabilitation with other dogs. We are one of the few daycares that allow intact dogs to play in our daycare.


"The Staff is Great!"

Dogs' Own is the best daycare facility by far.

"Happy and Tired"

My dog loves everyone at daycare and has great friends to play with.