Dogs’ Own Daycare ensures a safe, clean, fun, full service, quality care for your dog. Our staff are professionals who are also dog lovers. We make sure that your pet is not only entertained while they're here, but that they have the individual affection and stimulation they need.

Shy dogs learn to be social and confident, nervous dogs become calmer, overweight dogs increase their metabolism, and unruly dogs become more well behaved; all while having fun!!!

Intact dogs and special needs dogs are welcome in our All Inclusive Program.

Personalized, Safe Doggy Daycare

Our full service approach to daycare begins by limiting the number of dogs attending per day to approximately 40 dogs. The resulting higher staff to dog ratio (generally 1:9), allows us to provide extraordinary personalized care for your dog. We'll ensure your dog has a safe, fun, and stimulating day every time they stay with us. Your dog will come home tired, but not stressed.

We are a drop-in daycare facility, no reservations are required

Reinforcing Good Manners

We are constantly aware of our guest's behaviors, and working to improve them. We will redirect undesirable behavior during play, and encourage and reinforce appropriate behavior. If you are working on problem behaviors such as: jumping issues, excessive barking, door manners, etc., just let us know, and we will work with your dog throughout the day to reinforce the appropriate behaviors throughout the day.

Training classes are also available at Dogs' Own, outside of daycare hours. Please contact us for more information.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

We make every attempt to keep our daycare as clean as possible. There is an outside potty area that is cleaned many times a day. The toys and bowls are given antibacterial baths daily. Blankets, beds, etc, are always kept clean. A cleaning crew cleans our daycare on a daily basis. The result is an environment that is surprisingly odor free, healthy, and welcoming to our guests and their owners.


"The Staff is Great!"

Dogs' Own is the best daycare facility by far.

"Happy and Tired"

My dog loves everyone at daycare and has great friends to play with.