Daycare Packages

(spayed and neutered and puppies under 6 months old)

Drop-In Daycare Rates

  • Full Day $25
  • Half Day (up to 6 hours) $20


Play Package

  • 10 Full Day Play – $225
  • 10 Half Day Play – $180
  • 20 Full Day Play – $440
  • 20 Half Day Play – $340


Puppy Package - $250

This comprehensive package will help your puppy get the best start in their new home they can. This package includes:

  • 5 days of day care
  • 5 peanut butter Kong treats in daycare
  • 15 minute consultation with staff trainer
  • 15% off training class (STAR puppy or Manners)
  • 4 grooming sessions as follows
    • Week 1- brush out and nail trim
    • Week 2- brush out, bath, blow dry, and nail trim
    • Week 4- All of the above plus first hair trimming
    • Week 7- First full groom


Clean Canine Package - $295

This bathing package helps you keep your dog looking their best at all times. This package includes two full service baths, which will include a bath using our highest quality products, a nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression if needed. Your dog also gets unlimited nail trims that can be requested at the start of any daycare day.

Package includes:

  • 10 days of daycare
  • 2 full service baths
  • Unlimited nail trims


Mayhem to Manners Package - $295

This training package will help your pet become better mannered. This package will include training sessions with one of our trainers during daycare. With this package if you are having basic obedience problems at home, one of our trainers will work with your pet while they are here for daycare.

Package includes:

  • 10 days of daycare
  • 30 minute consult with trainer
  • 5-15 minute training sessions with every daycare day
  • 15% off any training class


Fit Fido Package - $295

This Fitness package is designed to help your dog become a true athlete or just to help them maintain a healthy weight and life style. Our staff will help you evaluate your dogs� dietary needs and fitness needs to develop a program best suited for your dog.

Package includes:

  • 10 days of daycare
  • 30 minute consult about weight and nutrition
  • A weekly weigh in with progress report
  • Treadmill time with every daycare day
  • Weight pull training if dog/owner interest
  • 15% off Canine Fitness Class


Intact Dogs and Special Needs Dogs

(Unaltered males and females including puppies over 6months old, Dogs with special needs)

Drop-In Daycare Rates

  • Full Day $30
  • Half Day (up to 6 hours) $27

Play Package

  • 10 Full Day Play – $280
  • 10 Half Day Play – $250
  • 20 Full Day Play – $560
  • 20 Half Day Play – $500

Clean Canine Package - $355

Mayhem to Manners or Fit Fido Packages - $355


Prepaid daycare packages expire after six months of purchase date. All additional services expire after all daycare days are used. Packages are transferrable, but non-refundable.

Dogs� Own does provide limited ingredient dog food as treats to the dogs in daycare. If you would like us to feed your dog meal/meals while they are in daycare please bring their food in a Tupperware/plastic with a lid container labeled with their name in permanent marker. There is a $1.00 charge per meal to feed.

We are happy to administer medication to your pet while they are here at daycare. All medication must be in the original container with a veterinary prescription on the bottle. There is $3.00 charge per medication time.

Small Dogs Get Big Perks. Little dogs have their special groups and playtimes. All dogs are introduced into play groups based on play style, personality, and assessment by Jennie and her staff.

*Prices effective January 1st 2019


"The Staff is Great!"

Dogs' Own is the best daycare facility by far.

"Happy and Tired"

My dog loves everyone at daycare and has great friends to play with.