Hi, I am Maya, Triton and Isis's mom. They just got home from doggie day care today and I HAD to email you to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH!The report card is so wonderful! It is so nice to see that you really read the paper work I filled out on them and took that extra step to work on each of my babies "problem area". I really do realize what a hand full they are, but for you guys to really take the time and let Isis make new friends and work with Miss Maya on not being a bully, it means so much to me! So thank you from the bottom of my heart and you will be seeing A LOT more of my kids! Thanks so much!!! from ALL of us!

Jayne Waltz


I want you to know just how much I appreciate your daycare and staff ! Since I work from home, your daycare has become a Godsend for me! My overly energetic schnauzer/yorkie mix, Dakota, is so excited every morning to get to daycare and then when I pick him up in the late afternoon, he's ready to relax and nap! I know he's getting the daily exercise he needs at your facility. I truly appreciate the one-0n-one attention and training that your staff gives him during the week and the 'daily reports' you send home with him allow me to know what you worked on and how I can continue to train him at home.
It's also a great convenience to be able to schedule a grooming appointment while he's there for daycare! Top Notch Grooming!!!
Words can not express my appreciation !
Thank you ALL so much!

Valerie Allen


I'm proud to say Eddy is a Dogs’ Own Daycare Dog. Eddy first attended as a 6 month old puppy, a shelter rescue. At the Dogs’ Own Daycare, Eddy is supervised by an attentive, caring staff. Eddy plays with his friends in a clean and stimulating environment, learns new skills and practices his manners. Regardless of the weather, 100 degrees or below zero, he get lots of exercise and has fun. The class, "Family Dog I", taught Eddy, how to be a well behaved puppy. The grooming services available at the Dog Club are excellent. Eddy has grown to be a sweet, gentle and cooperative teen-age dog. He is a pleasure to have at home!

Thanks to the Dogs’ Own Daycare for making every day the best day for Eddy!


We have taken our dogs to a number of doggy daycare facilities over the years. Dogs’ Own Daycare is best one by far. The staff is great. Thanks a lot for making my life easier.

Debbie R.


Without the Dogs’ Own Daycare, I would be lost! I typically work 10 hours a day, and when I get off the last thing I want to do is take my dog for a walk. By taking him to Dogs’ Own, when I get to pick him up, he is happy and tired. Which means I don't have to worry that I am not meeting his needs. Blu loves everyone there and I'm glad he has his doggy friends to play with. Thanks Dog Club for everything!

Clarke E.


Our dogs have been coming to the Dogs’ Own Daycare for over 12 years. Gabe loves having a chance to play with other big dogs, and get some training as well. He has settled down and mellowed a lot since making friends there, and I'm very grateful! Thanks to all of you.



"The Staff is Great!"

Dogs' Own is the best daycare facility by far.

"Happy and Tired"

My dog loves everyone at daycare and has great friends to play with.