General Information

Dogs' Own Daycare is Loveland's only fully indoor facility, with over 1,500 sq ft of climate-controlled play space. We offer expertly guided socialization and supervised play time with both people and dogs. We strive to maintain high staff to dog ratios, to give more one on one attention to each dog.

Dogs are evaluated by our staff, and separated into play groups according to size, play style, and temperament. Play groups are rotated every 30-45 minutes throughout the day to give every dog plenty of rest, as well as structured play-time. Every group goes outside to our secure potty yard before and after each play session, so that house training skills are maintained. Our staff members tailor each play group to the needs of the individual dogs, using activities such as playing ball, tug, chasing bubbles, and treat training to keep our daycare dogs stimulated throughout the day, as well as plenty of wrestling and running around with doggie friends! Between play groups, dogs rest in large individual runs where they can see what is happening on the play floor.

Intact dogs over 6 months and special needs dogs are welcome at Dogs’ Own! Special needs dogs may include dogs healing from surgery who need medication, or leash walks, or dogs who have issues with interacting with other dogs and need social rehabilitation. Our expert staff have rehabilitated numerous dogs who have been kicked out of other daycares, or had a history of social issues with other dogs. Through consistent training, constant supervision, and the help of some of our ambassador dogs, we turn feisty fidos into playful pooches!

We also offer FREE Furry Fridays for puppies under 6 months old. If your dog is bored at home, or needs help properly socializing, Dogs' Own is the place to be!

All dogs attending daycare must have been in your home a minimum of 10 days, have current proof of rabies and bordatella vaccinations, and have an information sheet and signed waiver on file.

Dogs’ Own does provide limited ingredient dog food as treats to the dogs in daycare. If you would like us to feed your dog meal/meals while they are in daycare please bring their food in a Tupperware/plastic with a lid container labeled with their name in permanent marker. There is a $1.00 charge per meal to feed.

We are happy to administer medication to your pet while they are here at daycare. All medication must be in the original container with a veterinary prescription on the bottle. There is $3.00 charge per medication time.

All new dogs to daycare must have an evaluation done to ensure that daycare is a good fit for your dog. Evaluations are done Monday-Thursday for all dogs. No new dogs are accepted on Fridays. There is no charge for the evaluation day. Please plan on leaving your pet with us for a 6-hour time period on their first day.










"The Staff is Great!"

Dogs' Own is the best daycare facility by far.

"Happy and Tired"

My dog loves everyone at daycare and has great friends to play with.